Pool Opening Hints

Once your pool is opened, please follow these guidelines to help clear your water faster.

If you are on weekly or bi-weekly service, we will come to service your pool on a daily basis to backwash, vacuum, and adjust the chemistry for you.  Please check your water level daily since backwashing and vacuuming remove water from the pool.  Any questions, please contact our office immediately.

For those not on weekly service:

To clear your water faster, backwash your filter frequently, at least once a day.

Watch your filter pressure. In some cases, when pool water is very green or with older filters, more than one backwash per day may be required.  If the water is excessively green, an additional filter cleaning may be required after the initial cleanings or in about a month.  If you have a cartridge filter, this may need to be cleaned frequently.  The same, for perflex “bump” style filters.  As to these can get clogged quickly.

Our Power Pack Chemicals will start killing bacteria immediately. Bring in a water sample to our showroom with in 24 hours. Proper chemistry adjustment must be done with in this time to expedite the clearing of the pool water

Your pool may require additional chlorine in order to clear.  We are happy to answer any questions you may have as to which chemical package is best for your pool.

Begin putting in your chlorine tablets and/or powder the day after you open. A 3.0 chlorine reading must be maintained until the pool is completely cleared. Improper chemistry readings will slow down the rate at which your pool will clear. Begin alternative sanitizers once the pool is clear and balanced and keep the system operating continuously until it clears. (Thereafter, we recommend a minimum of 18 hours per day.)

Try to clear the pool water first before vacuuming or brushing.  We have brushed the pool at the opening to loosen the dirt.  Let it settle, and when you can see the bottom of the pool, then vacuum.  It is best to see what you are vacuuming so you do not cause damage to the pool surface (especially if a liner) nor clog a pool line.  We suggest using a “leaf trap” device to prevent clogging a line.  These are available in our showroom. Please advise your landscapers not to blow the leaves and mulch into the pool.  As this will slow down the clean up process.

Your automatic cleaner will be more effective after a day or two and after a hand vacuum.  Leave the hoses stretched out to keep them from coiling in the pool.

Let the system filter much of the suspended particles. Running the system longer will actually use the chemicals more efficiently. It is best not to put the timers on until the water is clear and all debris is out of the pool.

Your heater was tested at your opening and then turned off. The leaves were cleared away. Your heater will not fire unless there is enough water pressure. Please backwash your filter first! In some cases, additional cleaning of gas jets may be needed. Please schedule a separate service call for this. If you choose not to use your heater, spider webs may re-accumulate, requiring another cleaning.

As always, if you have any questions, please call us at 201-722-1765. During the season we are open 7 days a week!  We hope these tips are helpful in clearing your pool water.  Remember, if you are not on weekly service, bring in a water sample with in 24 hours.

Thank you.

Krista and Jim