Alternative Sanitizers

Enjoy a cleaner, healthier, environmentally friendly swimming environment

The Pool Company is proud to sell a wide range of alternative sanitizers, providing the newest technology in clean swimming water environments. These include Paramount’s Ultra-Violet Water Sanitizer and Clear O3 Ozonator water purifying system, can be used separately or combined for even a more effective sanitizing.

We also offer salt chlorine generators, whereby chlorine is automatically created, making pool maintenance easier and cleaner.

Benefits of alternative sanitizer equipment:
  • Eliminate the discomfort of harsh chemical reactions to eyes and skin
  • Go green and help protect the environment
  • Salt is environmentally friendly and its conversion is energy efficient

We carry all major brands including AquaCal (AutoPilot), Pentair (Intellichlor), Jandy/Zodiac (AquaPure), Paramount. Call today to learn more.