Pool Filters

Keep your pool water clear and free of debris.

D-E Filter with Multifunctional Valve

Water passes through the filtration system capturing the smallest of dirt particles.

Over time,  the D-E becomes dirty and requires a backwash or thorough cleaning. This includes removing the old D-E and replacing it. The valve provides multi-functions.

D-E Filter–Extended Cycle

This D-E filter works with a bumping motion to release dirt off the fingers.


Cartridge Filter

The cartridge does the work of pulling the dirt from the water. To clean periodically, remove the cartridge and hose it off; then, it is ready to get back to work. Replace the cartridge every few years, depending on use.


Replacement Filter Elements

With so many replacement filters on the market, let us find the right one for your system. We make it easy!

Pool filters are essential to the reliable operation of your pool. There are three major types of pool filter. These are sand filters, DE (diatomaceous earth) filters and cartridge filters. Although they operate differently, they all perform the same function–maintaining your pool and keeping it clear of algae and other impure particles. The experts in our retail store can inform you about how each filter works, and determine which would be best for you.