Pool Equipment Installation & Repairs

Our professionally trained service staff is available for installing new pool equipment such as swimming pool heaters, pool pumps, pool filters, automatic pool cleaners, salt chlorine generators, automatic control systems for pools, safety covers and more. We also repair damaged pool equipment on most existing brands. We sell and service top name pool brands including:

Pool Cleaners

Keep your pool clean at all times with automatic and manual pool cleaners

Chlorine Alternatives

Reduce your chlorine usage with alternative sanitizing methods

Electronic Controls, Pool Cleaners, Heaters & more

Keep your pool at your favorite temperature

Salt Chlorine Generators

Make your own chlorine using salt

Gas Heaters

Heat your pool efficiently and reliably with a gas fired heater

Pool Pumps

Reduce operating costs with efficient pool pumps

Pool Filters & Replacement Parts

Keep your pool water clear with the latest in pool filter technology

Heat Pump Heaters

Reduce your gas cost with high quality heat pumps and pool heaters

Winter Pool Covers

Protect your pool in the off season with super strong pool covers and liners

Winter Pool Covers

Protect and safeguard your pool with a perfectly fit custom safety cover

Winter Pool Covers

Protect your pool in the off season with premium quality mesh and classic safety covers