Swimming Pool Opening Packages

Spring is the time to open your in-ground or above ground swimming pool. We also open spas.

At The Pool Company, we have been providing swimming pool opening services in local neighborhoods for over 55 years. We offer a wide variety of pool opening services, and help our customers get cleaner water faster.

From safety cover removal to testing connections, lines and pool equipment, from reassembling pool equipment and systems to sweeping and vacuuming, we will customize a pool opening package that best suits your needs, and your budget.

Call us early in the season to secure your appointment, 201-722-1765
. Or Contact Us for more information.

Additional Swimming Pool Opening Services Available:
  • Vacuuming packages
  • Draining and acid washing of pool
  • Major pool repairs discovered during opening
  • Heater cleaning or repair
  • Other pool cleaning services

Please contact us for more information on additional pool opening services.